Understanding The Causes of Lower Back Pain in Women

Back pain is a rather common phenomenon in men and women all over the world. This pain can be chronic or less recurring depending from person to person. This type of back pain is more likely to affect middle aged women and men. This form of back pain is more so in women due to the common inheriting weaker body structure of women and lack of calcium. The major causes of lower back pain in women can be elaborated as follows:

Body weight:post6

Excessive weight is one of the major causes of lower back pain in women. It is a known fact that obesity leads to several problems and lower back pain is one of the major problems that excessive weight can cause. If the middle area of your body is heavier then you are very likely going to be plagued by lower back pain.  Fat in the middle portion of the body pushes forward the pelvis region and a stress overcomes the body producing back pain.

Lack of exercise:

Most women who do not regulate their body’s metabolism by some sort of exercise or work out routine are very likely to be affected by acute lower back pain. The body, due to lack of activity, looses its flexibility and ability to move swiftly. This works regressively for the body muscles which constrict and become weak. Exercising will make your body and spine flexible again and help you move easily and not have stiff bones. Therefore it is possible for you to keep yourself healthy as well as rid yourself of the pain by simply involving yourself in some physical activity.


This may seem as an out of sync reason but in reality smoking can greatly contribute to increasing or be a cause of lower back pain in women. It has been statistically determined that the occurrence of back pain in non-smoking women is much lower than smoking women. The chemical substances in cigarettes like nicotine pollute the blood vessels and stops sending adequate amount of blood to your lower back. This imbalance is reflected through your back pains. Reducing smoking can over a period of time reduce your back pain.


The postures we sit in can determine our back pain. Slouching is one of the evil causes of lower back pain in women. When we sit in a slouched position, the spine gets bent and staying in that bent position makes the spine constrict and the pain begins. If you sit correctly in a straight position you will be rid of half your back pain problems. Your sitting position must not involve slouching or even leaning forward. Even wearing heels and other uncomfortable shoes that make you stand or walk in an unnatural position accelerates the pain. Rest your back against a chair if you have to and keep your hips and knees in an even position.


Many time’s mental activity directly affects the physical functioning of an individual. When you are under stress, you tend to forget to look after your physical needs, you tend to eat less and do not get time to exercise. You become mentally tired and this is realized by your muscles as well and they began to tense. The spine also becomes tensed and that causes the pain. Therefore is also one of the several causes of lower back pain in women.yoga-lower-back-pain


What causes lower back pain?

Many people would be wondering what causes lower back pain on them. This is quite normal as everyone is prone to experiencing low back discomforts at times throughout their lifetime. 80% of affected people almost always experience lower back pain again in the near future after recovering. Researchers have found out many methods to treat such pains and the causes of such pain can be brought down by following certain methods. The back pain can be permanent for people who have not taken a proper treatment during the starting stage of the occurrence. The doctors who diagnose the patients with lower back pain problem will often do investigation based on the causes for such pain. The latest generation of civilization are more likely to experience lower back pain throughout their lives due to the fact that they are dependent upon junk foods for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner sessions. These foods can even be the causes for lower back pain in a person. Getting treatment immediately when the pains begin to occur is the best method to avoid future occurrences of lower back pain.

lower back pain

Common causes:

The joints in the lower back get mis-allocated and a severe pain arises in this span of time. These joints are broken down when a person engages in frequent movement or lifts heavy objects from one place to another. When heavy objects are being moved, they cause high pressure on the lower back area and as a result cause pain to occur. Never try to lift any object that is of more weight than your normal weight. Some might even have the pain temporary on them, yet, it occurs regularly every day in a routine manner. Many people have the habit of sitting and standing in a poor posture. A good posture can make the muscles work fine and the lower back never ever experiences any pain on them. As the latest generation of people work mostly in front of the computer, they maintain a bad posture that can bring a pain in the muscles on their back part. Sitting in a same posture for a longer period of time can cause such pain on a person. Some people even have the habit of standing slightly lower than their normal height. This can in turn change into one of the main causes of back pain in a person. Standing and sitting straight is the only way to avoid such bad posture pains. The chair in which a person sits for a long period of time must have a good back part that can help in making a person sit comfortably for a longer period of time. Sleeping in a wrong position can lead to lower back pain as the lower back part gets affected when a person is said to sleep in an irregular manner. Many people have the habit of hugging a pillow and sleeping during the night time. This is totally wrong as hugging the pillow can indeed make a person sleep in a wrong position. Know about the correct position while sleeping by visiting your nearby doctor. Visit your doctor when you have a small pain and the doctors can tell you what causes lower back pain on your back parts.


How to identify and treat lower back pain?

Identification and treatment of lower back pain should be done at the earliest stage so that it will not be very complicated. The lower back pain will start below the ribcage. There will be intense pain which might demand you restrict your daily act of movement. In most of the cases, lower back pain will heal on itself. However, if it does not settled down within a short amount of time, you should want to go to your local doctor to get a diagnosis.


You should be aware of what Causes Lower Back Pain. The lower back is an intricate structure consisting of tendons, muscles, nerves, nerve roots which travel from the lower back to the legs and feet, spinal discs, complex joints. An irritation or problem with any of these structures can cause lower back pain which can radiate to other parts of the body. Musculo-skeletal lower back pain is one of the common causes of back pain. This may arise due to poor or improper posture, stretching or twisting awkwardly, lifting weights improperly.

what causes lower back pain

Other serious causes may include sciatica, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, cauda equina syndrome, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and tumors which may be malignant. Sometimes, any physical or emotional trauma can lead to stress and lead to the occurrence of lower back pain. A person with spinal degeneration may have stiffness in the morning or pain after standing for a long time or even short distance walks. Younger adults typically suffer pain due to lower back muscle strains.


When you are aware of the causes of lower back pain, then it would be best to know the symptoms as well so that the right form of treatment can be initiated. There will be severe pain when the lower back pains first begin. If there is sudden movement, you can notice pain in the back. The pain can also be experienced when you lift heavy weight.

There might be difficulty in moving so might want walk slowly and stand properly. Pains may reach up to the groin level, upper thigh, and buttock areas of the body. Severe muscle spasms, soreness on touch and dull pain are some of the symptoms which can be witnessed in this context.


In most cases, pain in the lower back is caused due to muscle and joint problems. The cause is different from neurological issues. Hence, treatment should be initiated after proper diagnosis. MRI and CT will be used to figure out the issue.

Rest, heat & ice packs and medication are the best options to treat lower back pain. If you cease activity for few days, there will not be any stress on the lower back so that it will be healed in most of the cases. However, rest should not be prolonged for many days as muscles will become weak when they are not used for long period of time.

By applying heat and ice packs, the inflammation can be reduced. There are wide ranges of over-the-counter medications. Prescribed medications can be used as per the directions so that you will get quick relief from pain. The inflammation is reduced through most of the medications. There might be some side effects with some kinds of medications. Hence, they should be used carefully.